OM GOLEM reaches 10 mil

Dear chess users,

we are pleased to announce we reached important milestone. The OM GOLEM the largest human chess database contains now 10,015,200 human games. It is the largest known human chess database with great quality. The OM GOLEM started its historical path back in 2011. Before this date we had only one database. Back in those days we split the large OM XXL into OM OTB and OM CORR and OM PORTAL. However in order to still document the largest quality collection, we decided to keep the OM GOLEM its good place on the shelf.

And we did manage finally to overcome this important milestone. 10 million human chess games is something we are proud of. If you are interested in history of OM you may click here. The biggest dilemma for us was to decide what is the minimum ELO of the game played. We decided 1300. Maybe our decision was right, maybe wrong.

Along with OM GOLEM we published recently also OM OTB. The chess database with 7,442,823 games is also the largest and best quality chess database with Over-the-table players. You may find here all tournaments the FIDE players played and documented. The OM CORR with February 2015 version holds 1,572,820 games. The ICCF players download this particular version as it helps them to prepare for their Olympiads or ICCF World Championships.

All in all, we are proud and happy we are back with better and stronger collection of chess database. Looking forward hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
Alexander Horvath and Jan Helbich
OM founders

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