OM OTB 03 2014

WE ARE HAPPY to announce the new version of OM OTB is finally here. It took us some time to consolidate new games which took place during winter time and January. All Platinum members have already the ready files in the folders. The new number is 6.623.943

    1.    Fix by sort date (newest first)
    2.    Total games:
    3.    Last game played: 6th February 2014
    4.    First game played: Year 1900
    5.    "No games" included: None
    6.    Texts: None
    7.    Opening surveys: None
    8.    DOUBLED GAMES: None
    9.    "Pure games":
    10.    Non classical OTB games: None

Technical: Games without
    1.    "White" OR-AND "Black" (or incorrect names): None
    2.    Less than 8 moves: None
    3.    Result or incorrect one: None
    4.    Date or Incorrect date: None
    5.    "Tournament"  : None
    6.    "Source": None
    7.    “ECO": None
    8.    ELO (or incorrect "Too high" ELO): None
    9.    Integrity: No errors

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