New OTB April 2015 version

We have important announcement to make. We just released the new version of OM OTB Database - April 2015 version. Bigger, better and stronger. With 7 561 818 unique human over-the-board games, we have again topped ourselves and proved to be the strongest player on chess database market. I would like to invite all chess database lovers to come and test it.

We have cleaned further the database and brought new games from recent tournaments. The OM OTB is one of the strongest chess databases in the world with increase of 118,995 human games from the last release we have gained more power and confidence. The files are offered in Chess Base, Chess Assistant and SCID (Pgn) version. As some of you noticed we have also upgraded our plans. We no longer have jewels (Gold, Platinum, Bronze) but rather use simple naming - OM Basic, OM Standard, OM Ultimate. This way we can offer good price for those who need basics, reasonable price for those who don't need frequent updates and offer top products for professionals too.

As per request of some of our long term chess friends, we added OM TOP CORR 2300 Database (again in all formats) which is very powerful tool for ICCF players out there because it maps the current development of best ICCF players. You can prepare yourself with 173 101 unique correspondence games with ELO higher than 2300 with both players. You can find both updates in OM ULTIMATE PLAN.

Last but not least, we also prepared a professional CTG library of correspondence players with ELO higher than 2300 for last 5 years. We wrote a separate blog on that.

Best regards,
Alexander Horvath Jr.


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