OM CORR 06 2015

Opening Master is proud to publish new release of its OM Correspondence chess database with 1,573,419 games. This month we focused on quality increase.

Every month we do the cleaning in the house. This time we noticed around 30,000 games from OTB to be still part of the OM CORR. They looked like correspondence games however in nature they were classic OTB games. As the purpose of the OM CORR is to provide the world's best correspondence chess database we had to say good bye to them. But do not worry, instead of just plain decrease of 30K games, we were able to dig and find new 30,000 games from the correspondence games. So the actual increase is only 599 games, from the quality and statistics purposes you get better deal.

The OM CORR 062015 is waiting for you in your ULTIMATE plans. Those having standard plans, you would need to wait till January 2016 updates.

Happy downloading and good games,

Best regards,

Opening Master Team

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