7,6 million OTB database

For some time we have been analyzing our duplicates. We knew we had few, you always found some, we didn't how many we had but we knew there are these suckers who always pop up and destroy our image of duplicate free chess database. Well, no longer is the case. We announce duplicate free OTB chess database.

The day has come. We have been able for the last couple of months to work on the quality. It only took months to compare it and index it. De-duplicate it. The never ending battle between recorders of the events and chess games collectors is over. The chess games collectors announce victory. No more duplicates to be found anywhere in the OTB Chess Database April 2016 version. We had to go down from 7,792,491 games to 7,600,674. So almost 190K duplicates. We truly apologize for that. Now it is finally clean. Please come back to us if you ever find a duplicate in this version.

7,600,674 of OM OTB GAMES. PERIOD


We also updated the OM STANDARD and OM BASIC Plans. The difference is shown on our DOWNLOAD PLANS. Some chess players need only OM BASIC which is cheaper but does not include CB and CA files, some prefer OM STANDARD with all extensions but only annual updates and some chess players usually the professional level up demand the monthly updates. Enjoy.


chess victory

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