Chebanenko Slav Defence

ChebanenkoChebanenko Slav Defence /aka Chameleon/ is now very popular between players who want a flexibile position against 1.d4, or want desorienting White opponent if he knows only the main line games (e.g.1.d4)  . Reason of move 4. ..a6 of Black is wide ability of next moves while White still does not know, which variation Black wants to play.  It is about a transposition between variations while anything can happen when White does not await. Play 1.d4 d5, 2.c4 c6, 3.Nc3 Nf6, 4.Nf3 a6 and see how other professional players played it in 7,990 games in total. See the largest collection of Chebanenko-Slav (Chameleon)  7,990 games in total. You may download the report once you register for free.

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Chebanenko Slav Defence D15  7,990 pdfChebanenko Slav D15.pdf135.53 KB