Trompowsky Attack

trompowskyThe Trompowsky Opening / Attack  is a Queen's Pawn Opening named by Octavio Trompowsky, a Brazilian Champion. It is a razor sharp Opening used against Nimzo-/Queen's Indian and King's Indian / Gruenfeld Defence. Trompowsky Opening can transpose to the Veresov or Torre Attack. Players must be careful how to play the Opening into less-known territory with few forcing variations. Main line is : 1/ d4  Nf6  2/ Bg5 ! It is a minor system but can be a surprise for Black. If White knows the moves he can equalize with Black. This Opening started to play around 1930s but more in 1990s. Players like Hodgson, Mladinovic, Stefanova like to play this game. Not all the players know the principle and ideas of that Opening. Look at the wide range of continuations in the Opening table.

Play 1.d4 Nf6 2.Bg5 and see how other players played it in 5,991 games in total.

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