Opening Master decided to support 10% from each purchase and forward it to the Ukrainian crisis. If you sign up today, you will receive also 10% discount. That is 10+10.

Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, has indicated that the humanitarian repercussions of this conflict on civilians will be disastrous.

“Countless lives will be torn apart. We have already seen reports of casualties and people starting to flee their homes to seek safety."

Your assistance

We urgently want your assistance in order to continue giving life-saving assistance to families who have been forced to flee their homes.

In Ukraine and neighboring countries, UNHCR has increased its operations and capacities. We remain steadfast in our commitment to assist all affected populations in Ukraine and the area.

With your help, Ukrainians who have been forced to evacuate their homes will be protected and safe.

We play chess, you play chess. We have limited way how to support Ukraine from home. However if you were just adding your chess database to the basket why don't we use this opportunity and donate together.

Support Ukraine and donate 10%

For each purchase you want to make, use the coupon "SupportUkraine" and you will automatically save 10% on your purchase. This function is only available through direct cards purchase (PayPal does not offer coupons). However, if you sign up with PayPal and you notify us with the coupon code, we will refund you 10% We will add another 10% to the funds through UNHCR and send you personalized thank you note.

thank you in ukrainian

Ukrainian chess players. We are with you. Free chess database!

We understand it is difficult for you to think about the chess when you see outside world and invasion in your country. If there are Ukrainians abroad and you play chess, the little we can give to you is a free chess database. Write us and we will register you for free and provide access to OM GOLEM program for free.

Since you are here, why don't you check out the top Ukrainian chess players. Visit official Ukrainian chess federation and give them also support during these times.

Ukrainian chess players

How is Opening Master different from free databases?

Despite getting our games from different sources, we dedicate a lot of time to eliminate duplicates. We also normalize the names of the players, which amounts to dozens or even hundreds of corrections a month. The free databases are often very low-quality and cluttered with lots of duplicates. There is no such thing as free lunch. We ask for a fair price starting at 39 EUR for one year (OM CORR). It is much cheaper than less quality commercial chess databases out there. If you do not wish to prolong the subscription, just cancel it, you may keep the databases for ever for your personal use but will not receive updates.

Have you heard that we prepared a list of the top 52 chess openings for you? They are completely free where and no credit card or sign-up is needed.

Oh.. here is the download link. We almost forgot.

Review in detail our product portfolio View Product Portfolio.

Donate Ukraine chess database

Opening Master opposes invasion to Ukraine by Russian military troops. We urge the responsible politician(s) to stop and rather play chess. Keep calm and play chess.


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