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Since 2004 Opening Master Chess Databases offer three best sellers. The most widely used OM OTB with 9 million human games in Chessbase format. The OM CORR offers the ultimate collection of correspondence chess games with 2 million games. OM GOLEM is the largest with 29 million human chess games and includes also online human games. These chess databases are great for every chess player. From beginners to Pros. Download our chess databases starting as low as 39 EUR.

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Chess database Matrix

Number of games
Formats supported
cbv, pgn
cbv, pgn
cbv, pgn
cbv, pgn
cbv, pgn
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All chess database plans come with awesome support by email and phone. There is no hidden fee!

  • €39 / year
  • FOR: Correspondence chess players (e.g. ICCF)
  • UPDATES: quarterly / 2 million games
  • Formats: Chessbase
  • Download now
  • OM OTB
  • €59 / year
  • FOR: Classic chess players (e.g. FIDE players)
  • UPDATES: quarterly / 9 million games
  • Formats: Chessbase
  • Download now
  • €99 / year
  • FOR: Collectors - World largest human chess database
  • UPDATES: annually / 29 million games
  • Formats: Chessbase
  • Download now

We use Cloud

sync is the new save How it works:

1. You select type of Plan you wish to download. OM CORR, OM OTB or OM GOLEM

2. Pay by the  secure gateway PayPal. We accept major credit/debit cards.

3. A confirmation email with the subscription details comes to you.

4. We register your email address to cloud service SYNC and invite you to a shared folder. It's all FREE.

5. You download all the databases to your local hard drive. You will always find a newest version of the Opening Master chess databases on the cloud.

We are mobile devices positive

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Opening Master chess databases will be soon also available as Opening Master Chess Database Viewer. Stay tuned!

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