10millions Jan2015

10 million of top human chess games

The exciting new Opening Master chess database features a unique chess games collection with more than 10 millions of top human chess games, making it the largest human chess database without duplicates. Experience the power and flexibility of Google No.1 "largest chess database"  to create the ultimate chess winning game. Become a member today and enjoy the biggest chess database package, all carefully selected with more than 6 years of research and development. All dowloaded very fast via DropBox cloud.

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Chess Database extensions

A wide selection of Chess Database extensions starting with most widely used Chess Base and followed by Chess Assistant. Don't forget free SCID (pgn) version. Windows users, MAC users? No problem. We have it. Our large portfolio opening reports can be viewed in PDF files. Each month the databases are upgraded so you stay up-to-date with most fresh information. It's all being now synchronized through Cloud Service provided by SugarSync. Preview all the addons below.

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sugar sync cloud

Download Service via SugarSync

Our unique chess databases are deliverered to you by sending you a special link from SugarSync cloud where you find your purchased content. All customers have special access to the folder on SugarSync account which enable them to download all powerfull databases in various extensions according to their plan. And even more, now you can download your data from multiple destinations or computers, notebooks, iPhones, iPads etc. The download is extremely fast and easy. Our annual programs start as low as 26,90 EUR.

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Commented Games

The commented games are always luxury databases. The annotators or commentators are trying to explain the key moments of the game and the alternatives in the openings. By navigating you through entire game, they show and comment on all phases of the game. First thing is to introduce the tournament, who plays against who and what is the stake. Most famous Informant from Serbia identified the marks = shortcuts that represent various joint statements to the position. Our markings usually lead to crossroads where everyone chooses his own path...

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Powered by Opening Master

The foundation of every modern chess correspondence fedaration is strong chess database. It all started with  signing 3 years agreement (2008-2010) to sponsor International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF.com ) wordwide to provide chess databases to various ICCF tournaments.Throughout the history of OM, following chess fedarations were sponsored individually: USA, Argentina, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Spain, Slovakia, Romania, Scotland etc... If you think you would like to partner with us, just let us know.

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OM GOLEM,  OM OTB,  OM CORR,  OM OTB GM..FM,  ICCF 200 and  OM Portal.  Purchase for €59,90
OM CORR, OM OTB GM..FM, ICCF 200, OM OTB 2300 and OM Portal
OM GOLEM, OM OTB, OM CORR, Golem 2300. Converted to CBF for EXACHESS / MAC users. Purchase for €29,90

OM GOLEM reaches 10 mil

10milDear chess users,

we are pleased to announce we reached important milestone. The OM GOLEM the largest human chess database contains now 10,015,200 human games. It is the largest known human chess database with great quality. The OM GOLEM started its historical path back in 2011. Before this date we had only one database. Back in those days we split the large OM XXL into OM OTB and OM CORR and OM PORTAL. However in order to still document the largest quality collection, we decided to keep the OM GOLEM its good place on the shelf.


Merry Christmas to all chess players

satna2Dear Chess Database lovers,

Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year 2015 from OM team. This year was one of the toughest in terms of sustaining the quality and keep doing great databases. We have managed and continue to grow in terms of games and quality. We do it for us, we do it for you. For new subscribers we offer -50% discount until December 31 and -25% discount until January 15, so hurry up and pick up your base.


Opening Master in Australia

Kongres 2014smallDear chess players. Just a quick note. We attended the annual ICCF congress held in Australia this year. The venue for this event was at ParkRoyal Hotel in Parramatta abour 20 km from Sydney. It took place 11-18 October 2014. Our core member Jan Helbich received awards for Slovakian chess players and met ICCF members and other members from other federations.


OpeningMaster Family

OM Version Vol. # games Released
Jan 23, 2015
3.2 7,442,823
Jan 23, 2015
Feb 18, 2015
Jan 29, 2012
Jan 13, 2015
Jun 1, 2013


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Keres Attackattack

It is a dangerous weapon against the Scheveningen an requires boldness, enterprising play and exactness from both side - attack and defence. The early and aggressive advance of...


Blumenfeld GambitBlumenfeld Gambit

The Blumenfeld Gambit - Idea is similar to Benoni, when b5 is considered as ''strange move'', when Black starts to maneoeuvre at Queen's side and irritates White with strange development...


Alekhine ModernAlekhine modern

The Alekhine Modern variation starts same as 4 pawns, but differences are bigger than you thought. Moves as White  4/ f4  are very aggressive but we can ask ourselves "don't we over do it?"..



The English-Dutch Defence is a clone of English Opening, but very strange one. Sometimes the name is in many ECO classification "other". After typical English Opening set up : 1/ c4 e5 2/ Nc3...


English-reversed Sicilianenglish reversed sicilian

The English Opening strategy is characterized by fluid pawn formations and vigorous for central control.  Black has occupied the centre and White will attack from the flank...


Budapest Gambitbudapestbudai var

he Budapest Gambit also sometimes called Budapest Defence A51 is a courageous gambit. In the past, it was a favorite of Tartakower and Réti. The idea is to disconcentrate the opponent...