The summer is almost over and we are in front of the autumn doors. Just recently we were watching probably the most prestigious and important chess tournament - Sinquefield Cup 2015 in St.Luis, USA. Nakamura went up 2 places and Anand 2 down. Well, chess is a game after all. Our co-founder Dr.Jan Helbich, SIM went to Cardiff, Wales to represent Slovakia on ICCF world congress and worked on new September release of OM OTB. Wow, August was a busy month.

We are happy to announce that OM OTB chess database increased by 69 thousands games to final number 7,685,386. As always we bring the best cleaning and indexing service while keeping the duplicates at zero level. This month there were several important cups and tournaments. As mentioned, the most important and prestigious Grand Chess Tour - Sinquefield Cup 2015 in St.Luis with new champion Levon Aronian, 32 from Armenia. Other important tournaments were Abu Dhabi Masters and we have new Russian champion at age of 16. The month completed with 214 tournaments.

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In August, ICCF held its biggest annual congress, this time it was in Cardiff, Wales. Our co-founder, Dr.Jan Helbich represented Slovak Correspondence Chess Association and picked up SIM awards for his colleagues. During the one week congress, various items on ICCF agenda were discussed, budget, member elections, but for us most importantly the renewal of cooperation between Opening Master and ICCF. We are proud to publish our product release on ICCF pages. 

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Our fans base is reaching to 6000, while still keeping the best quality. We continue to deliver exceptional service with good prices.

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