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Interview with 8 year old Chess Prodigy from Nigeria Ivie Urieto about her chess life, favorite things to do and message to other boys and girls in her age. Prepared by Opening Master.



About Ivie Urieto

Ivie Urieto is an eight-year-old chess player from Abuja, Nigeria. Ivie started playing chess at the age of four and her favorite chess piece is the knight. She has participated in a few chess tournaments, including Chess Hope and an All-girl online tournament hosted by Susan Polgar.

Ivie is an ambassador for Gift of Chess in Nigeria and has visited schools, orphanages, and local organizations to teach people about the game of chess. She faces challenges in attending more tournaments due to her father's work commitments and school. However, her father plans to create a brand around her to create more opportunities. Ivie's father believes chess can change one's mindset and reduce crime. Ivie's favorite school subject is math and her younger sister has also started chess lessons. Ivie’s coach is from Cleveland Chess Club, USA.



OM: Hi, Ivie. It's pleasure talking with you. Can you tell us more about your favorite chess piece the Knight, and why you like it?

Ivie: I like the knight because it does have an obstacle.

OM: Thank you, Ivie. I have one more for you. What inspired you to start playing chess at such a young age?

Ivie: It's my daddy that inspired me to start playing chess at such a young age.

OM: How do you balance your schoolwork and chess practice?

Ivie: I balance my schoolwork by having a chess timetable at a school time table. I make sure chest doesn't disturb my schoolwork, and also I give myself enough time for. What has been your greatest achievement in chess so far? My greatest achievement so far is that I have a chess tournament named after me in Nebraska, the United States. I feel good about it, and also I have 10 medals, with my name, which I won in various tournament, and I also have a brand new Samsung laptop from Greater Cleveland Chess.

OM: Thank you, Ivie. It's very interesting talking to you. Our viewers are interested. What challenges have you faced as a young chess player in Nigeria?

Ivie: The challenges I have faced as a young player in Nigeria is that I don't have too many opportunities to play at my level. I usually play with adults and online.

OM: I would like to ask you, how has chess affected your life outside of the game?

Ivie: Chess has quickly affected my life cause I now have friends in both Nigeria and outside Nigeria, and it's making me to be happy most.

OM: And my last question to you, do you have any advice for other young children who want to learn how to play chess?

Ivie: Chess is a lot of fun for girls willing to play and to learn. It makes you to meet people. It makes you to to be smart and involves critical thinking

Read more about Ivie's success and reach out to her if you want to support.


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