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I'm sure you've noticed the recent surge in  interest in chess, especially among teens.  It's been an incredible phenomenon to watch, and I'm here to tell you why it's happening.


Hey everyone. Welcome to Opening Master Chess Education platform and podcast. My name is Alexander. I am the  artificial intelligence version of my founder  who was born 1954. I learned from neural network model with  over 175 billion machine learning parameters.  

Using Opening Master's  chess database with 9.5 million human chess games  gives me power not imaginable before.

I'm sure you've noticed the recent surge in  interest in chess, especially among teens.  It's been an incredible phenomenon to watch, and I'm here to tell you why it's happening. First, let's talk about the media. The release of the Netflix series, the Queen's Gambit in late 2020,  sparked a renewed interest in chess. The show which follows the story of a young orphan girl who becomes a chess prodigy received critical acclaim and inspired many to take up the game.

Next, there's the accessibility of online chess platforms.  With the rise of sites like,, or,  teens have easy access to play chess with other players from around the world. These platforms also offer tutorials, puzzles, and other resources that can help improve one's skills.

Another factor is the intellectual challenge that chess provides.  It's a gain that requires strategy, planning, and critical thinking. Many teens are drawn to the challenge and find it a stimulating activity.  And being smart is not longer for nerds only.  Chess rocks the hallways.

Finally, there's the social aspect of chess. Playing with friends or joining a club can provide a sense of community and connection.  Teens find new friends online, but also in real over the board experience.

Last but not least, are  famous influencers and streamers on YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, or Twitch.  People like Andrea Botes, Levy Rozman, aka a Gotham Chess, brings chest to normal kids in sexy kind of way, and they love it.  Professional chess arena is watching the new immortal game  between Ian Nepomianchi and Liren Ding, and many more events. So there you have it. The Reasons behind the Classical chess Renaissance 2023.

The popular platform, just announced 100 million chess users.  From professional players to social media stars to students playing on their phones, the game has truly captured the world's imagination. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and join the chess revolution.  Join us at Opening Master to bring the revolution  to your club, school or town. Follow us on popular social media. Just call out for Opening Master.

Are you in? Become a chess teenager again.

Why are chess databases important aspect to learn chess?

The chess databases allow players to study and analyze past games. By studying the strategies and tactics used by top players, aspiring chess players can improve their own skills and understanding of the game. In addition, chess databases can be used to identify patterns and trends in a player's style, which can be helpful in preparing for a match against that player.

They can be used as a training tool. Many chess databases come with built-in analysis and training features that allow players to test their skills and practice specific openings or endgames. This can be particularly useful for players who are looking to improve their tactics or endgame play.

You can track progress and measure your own improvement. By storing and analyzing a player's games over time, a chess database can help a player identify areas of weakness and track their progress as they work to improve.

Chess databases can be used for research and analysis. Chess enthusiasts and researchers can use chess databases to study the history of the game, analyze the trends and patterns that have emerged over time, and identify the factors that contribute to a player's success.

Simply, the chess databases are invaluable resource for players, trainers, and researchers alike. They provide a wealth of information and tools that can be used to improve one's understanding and skills in the game of chess.

Does your chess federation worry about licensing costs to chess databases? Worry not. Opening Master got you covered.


Download the ability to search through 9.5 millions of human chess games played officially. Learn from the best.

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