• ICCF Swiss system - KO Tournament sponsored by Opening Master

    The International Correspondence Chess Federation announce the first ICCF Swiss system - KO Tournament sponsored by Opening Master. Registration deadline: 10/3/2022

  • ICCF US and Opening Master partnership agreement

    Opening Master is delighted to announce a strategic partnership agreement with the United States Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF US). This collaboration demonstrates our joint commitment to enhancing the correspondence chess experience for players and enthusiasts throughout the United States.

  • January 2023 update - 50K more OM games and Anish Giri finally did it

    We are excited to announce the addition of 50,000 games to our Opening Master Chess Database for January 2023! This substantial expansion will give players access to a wealth of new data and resources, helping them to improve their game and increase their understanding of the sport.

  • Karjakin - Carlsen who is champion?

    Isn't this excited? The longest stalemate for period of more than 20 years. Sergey Karjakin (RUS) plays against Magnus Carlsen (NOR) and it is never ending story. The first 7 matches out of 12 ended in 7 consecutive draws. After 12 matches, the score was 6:6 and both players went to Rapid games. Forget about football, cricket or ice hockey, the whole world is now watching chess. It is east battling the west again like it was during the Cold war in Reykjavik, Iceland. The defending champion since 2013, Magnus Carlsen however doesn't have it easy.

  • March updates are here. And it is the national month of reading books.

    Attention all chess players! We are excited to announce that the March version of the Opening Master chess databases is now available, featuring 50,000 new human chess games played on tournaments around the world Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, these databases are an invaluable resource for studying openings and improving your game. And we are introducing first hour free for Unstoppable Chess Academy

  • Migration of cloud service

    Dear Chess friends,

    we have an important announcement to make. After 6 years of using cloud services of our vendor SugarSync we decided it is time to move on to better, faster and more reliable. We have heard many unpleasant stories about slow downloading, breaks, corrupted files etc and contacted number of times the help desk of SugarSync. Their response was always like it is the users issue, they have slow internet or provider is blocking their services and other B.S. Despite numerous attempts to show them comparison of other services they were unable to help us. So it is time to move on. We have found better, faster, more reliable service to you. It is called

  • New OM CORR chess database

    With 1,6 million games, it is the ICCF and generally correspondence games best chess database. Mainly used by the correspondence chess players, the OM CORR shows true power when helping the chess masters to analyze their openings or middle game.

  • New OTB April 2015 version

    We have important announcement to make. We just released the new version of OM OTB Database - April 2015 version. Bigger, better and stronger. With 7 561 818 unique human over-the-board games, we have again topped ourselves and proved to be the strongest player on chess database market. I would like to invite all chess database lovers to come and test it.

  • New release of OM - 03/2022 with 9.3 millions OTB games

    Dear chess partners, players. We are happy to announce our newest release of Opening Master Chess Databases as of March 2022. We have been working hard the past few months and collected, de-duplicated, indexed, and cleared the games for you.

  • New release of OM CORR and OM OTB

    Dear chess friends,

    we are publishing the new OM OTB version with 8,351,651 games and during the same time releasing the new OM CORR with 1,756,994 games.We understand there are many tournaments to go therefore we are glad we made it on time. (with slight delay).  An increase of 200K games since the last release.

  • OM 1994 - Historical cleanest chess database between 1800-1994

    Hey, big news. We just release the new OM 1994 chess database. It is the biggest collection of human chess games between 1800 and 1994 and clean. Have a look and download now.

  • OM CORR 2014-08

    Dear Chess Database lovers,
    we have come a long way. Since 2004 we were building one of the strongest chess databases on our planet. We succeeded many times. We learned difficult ways and got stronger and better. As some of you know, our founder and main creator Alexander Horvath, ICCF SIM, passed away unexpectedly last year and left unfinished business. He had one unfinished GM tournament. Perhaps to get his final GM title. The dream he took with him. But he did fulfill one dream - The business how to create perfect chess database. For OTB players and CORR players. WE ARE NOW REBORN AGAIN.

  • OM CORR publishes new 50K games

    We are pleased to introduce new update from our chess analysts. The OM CORR has been updated and increased by 50,000 games for the last update period. Total number of human chess correspondence games represented until January 18 is 1 676 887.                                                                                                                

  • OM CORR TOP 2015 CTG

    This month we are presenting our new addition - OM TOP CORR 2015.CTG. A library, which holds games of top correspondence players with ELO higher than 2300 for last 5 years. You know better the theory these days evolves fast and furious. If you want to be successful at correspondence game, you have to try to reach advantage already at the opening. Otherwise it is proven very difficult to win against a player who also uses strong computer chess programs.

  • OM GOLEM reaches 10 mil

    Dear chess users,

    we are pleased to announce we reached important milestone. The OM GOLEM the largest human chess database contains now 10,015,200 human games. It is the largest known human chess database with great quality. The OM GOLEM started its historical path back in 2011. Before this date we had only one database. Back in those days we split the large OM XXL into OM OTB and OM CORR and OM PORTAL. However in order to still document the largest quality collection, we decided to keep the OM GOLEM its good place on the shelf.

  • OM on Blockchain? New release of 8,196,295 games

    Dear chess friends,

    we are publishing the new OM OTB version with 8,196,295 games. As always carefully selected from various championships and tournaments. An increase of 150K games since the last release.

  • OM OTB 03 2014

    WE ARE HAPPY to announce the new version of OM OTB is finally here. It took us some time to consolidate new games which took place during winter time and January. All Platinum members have already the ready files in the folders. The new number is 6.623.943

  • OM OTB increased 100K games to almost 8 millions

    Happy New year 2017. All the best to you and your chess games, lots of winning tournaments and of course good health (without that we don't have anything). We have prepared a nice package for you. OM OTB increased 100K games (yes 100,000 games)!

  • Opening Master cooperation with AICCF INDIA

    Dear AICCF member. There is a special offer for AICCF INDIA players! We are happy to announce that due to recent cooperation agreement between AICCF and Opening Master - The Chess Database Company, we can offer to all AICCF members Special Discount Offer of 50%.                                            

  • Opening Master launches in India. As of July 2022, we are starting our Indian operations

    We are in India! Finally. Happy to announce OpeningMaster registered .in domain and will start to offer chess databases for its Indian chess players. Have you ever asked yourself what is the biggest chess database? How many Indian chess players are registered? Who are we partnering with?

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