• Opening Master partners with Gift of Chess to fight poverty. Save 20% and donate

    New York, USA - Gift of Chess, the charitable nonprofit organization that aims to transform lives through the universal language of chess, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Opening Master, a company that publishes premium chess databases focused on education and chess growth.

  • Opening Master with Unstoppable Chess Academy. Stronger together to learn chess

    The Unstoppable Chess Academy is for anyone who is interested in mastering the art of chess. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, the Academy offers a wide range of resources and tools that can help you improve your game and develop your skills. Connection with Opening Master makes it even stronger.

  • Over-the-board chess database breaks personal best

    We are proud to announce our new published Over-the-Board chess database OM OTB increased by 91K and moved its bar over 8 million games. (8,044,244 games). Some players consider this chess database as the strongest ever built partly because it has good size and partly because it collects over-the-board games.

  • Play chess and support Ukraine. Send 10% to UNHCR

    Opening Master decided to support 10% from each purchase and forward it to the Ukrainian crisis. If you sign up today, you will receive also 10% discount. That is 10+10.

  • Play your summer with new OM OTB and OM CORR

    Dear chess friends,

    summer is here (at least for those who live in 4 seasons region) and the heat is on. Turn your air condition to the max (otherwise your computers will be overheated) and prepare for the electric bills. To prepare you for the upcoming tournaments we have released OM OTB in May with 8,403,896 games (which is increase of 52K incredible new games) and now proud to publish new OM CORR with 1,773,636 games (increase of 17K correspondence games).

  • Receive 30% discount on all Valentine

    The 14th of February is Valentine's Day. Candy, flowers, and presents are shared between loved ones across the United States and around the world on Valentine's Day, all in the name of St. Valentine. And we have 30% discount for you.

  • Sinquefield, Cardiff and OM OTB

    The summer is almost over and we are in front of the autumn doors. Just recently we were watching probably the most prestigious and important chess tournament - Sinquefield Cup 2015 in St.Luis, USA. Nakamura went up 2 places and Anand 2 down. Well, chess is a game after all. Our co-founder Dr.Jan Helbich, SIM went to Cardiff, Wales to represent Slovakia on ICCF world congress and worked on new September release of OM OTB. Wow, August was a busy month.

  • Summer sale 50% off from OM GOLEM until August 31st

    Dear chess players, it's time of the year where people should be enjoying Piňa Colada on the beach, playing chess with the loved ones on the blanket next to the sea careless watching the sunset. And boom 50% off from the Opening Master GOLEM databases. 

  • The biggest collection of chess games between 1800 - 1987

    Dear chess lovers and game collectors, it's our pleasure to announce the biggest collection of human chess games between 1800 and 1987. You will not find a bigger collection of classical chess OTB players. If we missed some games, we challenge you to let us know.

  • Three best sellers and product change for 2019

    Dear Chess players, we have come into conclusion that it would be the best to focus on three best selling and most downloaded chess databases. The OM CORR - used by all correspondence chess players, the OM OTB used by mostly FIDE players (but many ICCF players download it too) and OM GOLEM the world's largest human chess database for collectors.

  • UCL School of Management in London project - When chess players are more likely to make novel moves

    Opening Master is supporting new chess research Project at UCL School of Management in London project - When chess players are more likely to make novel moves.

  • Valentine's Day special Buy 1, Get 1 Free. Two years for less than 40 EUR.

    Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we at Opening Master Chess Database have something special for all the chess lovers out there! Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, we've got you covered. Buy 1, Get 1 free. 

  • Valentines chess days are coming and special sales too

    The 14th of February is celebrated all over the world as Valentine's Day. While many of the chess players prefer sitting at the board and enjoying the tactics and strategy of this royal game, there are a few romantics! For you chess romantics we created lovely sales and sets of chess databases that will fulfill your heart. Shop and fall in love!

  • We just cracked 9.5 millions of human OTB chess games. Download now and save

    Just a short announcement, we just passed the 9.5 million bar totalling 9,516,830 human chess games played over the board tournaments under FIDE and other organizations reaching the biggest chess databases currently available on the Internet.

  • Welcome to Opening Master Chess Meditation program

    The meditation is designed to help players focus on developing a strong strategy, staying in control of the game, and maintaining mental clarity and composure even in the face of challenges and obstacles. The goal is to help players develop the mental and emotional skills necessary to play chess at a high level, and ultimately to achieve mastery of the game.

  • What is happening Carlsen? Summer craziness and Opening Master updates

    Summer is almost over. We are getting ready for September tournaments and updating for you the August version of Opening Master chess databases. What is happening with Carlsen? Is he retiring or just a summer heat? No! He is at his best despite few hiccups. 

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