Dear chess players, it's time of the year where people should be enjoying Piňa Colada on the beach, playing chess with the loved ones on the blanket next to the sea careless watching the sunset. And boom 50% off from the Opening Master GOLEM databases. 

On the beach

We are dedicating this offer to all the chess players out there in their swimsuits on the beach playing against each other just for fun. You can't really use the super computers and chess databases to help you, you are on your own. Just you and the opponent. Pure match. 

I remember when going back in my memories 1984-1988 when we used to go to Yugoslavia (now Croatia) by the sea side. Ending up Makarska riviera. My dad always used to carry the magnetic chessboard and used to challenge the local chess players. Sooner or later it was him and the opponent and dozens of spectators. I was 5-6, already knowing the game quite well. And let me tell you the games were exciting

two playing chess openingmaster

Children playing chess

Times fly and we are trying to raise our own children, make them understand the chess, the excitement, the love of the game. Some at professional level, some amateur. Every game you play the new neurons connect. Strategy, analysis, patience, attack, win, lose, repeat. 

We published some previous articles on Children playing chess, what do you think is the right time to start? And how many games you should play with your son/daughter per day? These are the question every chess parent is asking. You see Indian prodigies becoming Grandmasters at age 13-14 and wonder you can never get it right. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is always there. But don't you worry. The prodigies always show you the talent without tell you "I am the prodigy". All you need is good coach and challenges, memorising all 1300+ openings, middle game, end game and tactics. The key is tactics, the rest is just a theory. 

Viki playing chess young

The Discount

This was just a short summer talk. Perhaps it will motivate you to play a chess with your niece or nephew or visit a nearest chess club. Or like my father, bring the magnetic chessboard to the swimming pool or by the sea. You will see the magic. 

The OM CORR which is good for correspondence chess players is now totalling 2,109,199 human chess correspondence games. That is almost 25 thousands more games than before. 

The OM OTB increased by 102,617 human chess over the board games but since we deleted 20,000 duplicates which we found because of you, the net increase is "only" around 80 thousands games totalling incredible 9,371,008 OTB games. We believe this is still the biggest chess OTB database out there. 

The OM GOLEM combines all the chess databases and adds more bonuses. The chess games from the chess portals, The 1990 - Complete collection of human chess games until year 1990. Very valuable collection

And because it's summer time we are announcing a special discount. From today until August 31st, if you use the coupon OM50SUMMER while checking out the OM GOLEM package, you will receive the 50% discount. So instead of 99 EUR, you will pay 49,50 EUR. That is a good deal. Unfortunately the deal is only usable with card payments (using Stripe gateway). If you would like to pay with PayPal, please write us a short help desk note or email. Or just send us 49,50 via PayPal. Our PayPal user is Openingmaster. Once we receive it we will send you invitation to cloud folder where we store all our chess databases. 

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