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We help where we can, the new chess generation needs our help the most. Whether it is direct funding, products, travel reimbursement, T-shirts or licensing to our Opening Master Chess databases. Our team thinks globally but acts locally. From sponsoring Slovakia junior chess team to Jumuiya Ya Afrika Mashariki Open Chess junior tournament in Kenya. 

In the ever-evolving world of chess, where strategy and intellect plays the most important role, a new generation of players is emerging, eager to make their mark on the chess map. Kids have their heroes like Magnus Carlsen or Hikaru Nakamura. At the heart of this movement lies a collective responsibility to nurture and support these young talents. At Opening Master, we embrace this responsibility, recognizing that our assistance can be the catalyst for the success of the chess superstars of tomorrow.

Our Global Vision, Local Impact

While our vision spans the globe, our commitment to the chess community is proven locally. We firmly believe in the statement "think globally, act locally," and our actions are walked in every initiative we undertake. One such initiative involves sponsoring the Slovakia junior chess team, an investment in the future of chess that transcends borders. By providing direct funding, chess products, travel reimbursement, T-shirts, and licensing opportunities for our Opening Master Chess databases, we aim to equip these young players with the tools they need to excel on the international stage.


Slovak Junior Chess Team OpeningMaster 

Photo credit: Slovak Chess Federation / Slovak Junior Chess team sponsored by Opening Master

Supporting Chess in Africa - Jumuiya Ya Afrika Mashariki

Our dedication to fostering the growth of chess extends to the African continent, where we proudly support the Jumuiya Ya Afrika Mashariki Open Chess junior tournament in Kenya. Recognizing the immense talent that resides in African nations, we want to create opportunities for young players to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level. By contributing resources and sponsorship to this prestigious tournament, we aim to elevate the profile of African chess and inspire future generations of players.

The tournament organised by Gift of Chess brought together 431 players from Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. The top three players in each category received prestigious trophies. 20 players received licenses to Opening Master Chess Databases. 

According to the Tournament Director, Ms Philis Ngigi, inclusiveness underscored the tournament’s ethos of embracing chess enthusiasts from all walks of life and abilities.

The FIDE-rated tournament received immense support from key partners, including FIDE, Chess Kenya, Opening Master, Business Meet Chess & Kids, Sanewan, Stemtrix, Delish & Nutri, Miwaki Brands, Prashar Family, Dominos, and Great Thinkers Chess Academy.


Jumuiya Ya Afrika OpeningMaster

Photo Credit: Philis Ngigi, Director Jumuiya Ya Afrika Mashariki Open Chess junior tournament

Empowering Through Education

Chess is not just a game; it is a powerful educational tool that develops critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategic planning skills. Understanding the transformative potential of chess, we are committed to providing educational resources to schools and communities around the world. By promoting chess education, we hope to empower young minds, instilling in them the values of discipline, perseverance, and intellectual growth.


ME Junior OpeningMaster

Photo Credit: Slovak Chess Federation / European Junior Chess Championship

Building Bridges Across Borders

Our commitment to the new chess generation goes beyond individual sponsorships and tournaments. We actively seek collaborations and partnerships with like-minded organizations, creating a network of support that transcends borders. By working together, we can amplify our impact and create a global chess community that thrives on shared values and mutual support. One of such partnership if Gift of Chess Foundation. Based on New York City, Gift of Chess provides globally chess sets to outreach communities in various developing nations. 


 Jumuiya Ya Afrika OpeningMaster2

Photo Credit: Philis Ngigi, Director Jumuiya Ya Afrika Mashariki Open Chess junior tournament

Partnership and discount

By partnering with Opening Master, Gift of Chess seeks to offer even more benefits to its members and affiliates. Opening Master has been in the business of publishing chess databases since 2004, with a focus on education and chess growth, especially for children and young players. The chess databases are used globally by many IMs and GMs too. Their commitment to the growth of the chess community aligns perfectly with Gift of Chess's mission, making this partnership a natural fit.

"Opening Master is thrilled to be partnering with Gift of Chess," said Alexander Horvath, CEO of the company. "We believe that our expertise in chess education and growth, combined with Gift of Chess's experience in distributing chess sets globally, will help to make the chess community stronger together."

We are inviting all chess players to use the special coupon code during Opening Master purchase checkout „giftofchess“ to be eligible for immediate discount of 20%. Opening Master will add 30% from each sale and make monthly donations to GOC to support their projects in globally.

Download biggest chess database OM OTB with 9.7 million official human chess games. 

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Gift of Chess's Board Member, Russell Makofsky, echoed this sentiment, saying "We are excited to be partnering with Opening Master, and we believe that this partnership will help us to achieve our goal of making chess more accessible to people around the world. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of children and communities through the game of chess."

Our mission

We have been around chess community since 2004 and with chess since 1980s, we understand the profound impact that support and mentorship can have on the new chess generation. By providing direct assistance, sponsoring tournaments, and promoting chess education, we aspire to be a driving force behind the success of young players worldwide. Together, let us make the next move towards a future where the passion for chess continues to flourish, and the new generation of players emerges as the true champions of the game.


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