• Chess Database with 29 million games,
    world largest collection of chess games

  • Over-the-board database with 9 million,
    Correspondance with 2 million human games.

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    great database for every chess player

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Chess Database - Pay what You really need

All chess databases come with awesome support by email and phone. There is no hidden fee!

  • €39
  • FOR: Correspondence chess players (e.g. ICCF)
  • UPDATES: quarterly / 2 million games
  • Formats: Chessbase
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  • OM OTB
  • €59
  • FOR: Classic chess players (e.g. FIDE players)
  • UPDATES: quarterly / 9 million games
  • Formats: Chessbase
  • Download now
  • €99
  • FOR: Collectors - World largest human chess database
  • UPDATES: annually / 29 million games
  • Formats: Chessbase
  • Download now

Download 56 top openings by Opening Master for free to try out our chess databases. No credit card needed!

The Opening Master Chess Databases since 2004

The Opening Master chess databases feature a unique chess games collection with more than 29 million top human chess games, making it the most significant human chess database without duplicates. Experience the power and flexibility of Google No.1 "largest chess database"  to create the ultimate chess winning game. Become a member today and enjoy the biggest chess database package, all carefully selected with more than 14 years of research and development. Opening Master is a proud sponsor of ICCF global tournaments. Our chess databases start as low as 39 EUR.

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Number of games
Formats supported
cbv, pgn
cbv, pgn
cbv, pgn
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Our most famous chess databases

If you ask us, which is the most favorite product our customers are buying, the clear answer is OM CORR. All ICCF players love it. The OM OTB is the most powerful over-the-board chess database ever made, and many FIDE GM players use it and OM GOLEM - well it's just the biggest one out there.



OM GOLEM is the ICON of all human chess databases. The database is so massive that the most robust computers are needed. It has more than 29 million human games without duplicates. It is a mixture of correspondence, OTB, and portal games.


The OM CORR wasn't always a separate chess database until about seven years ago when the need from correspondence players stood out. With 2 million games, it is the correspondence best chess database suited mostly for ICCF players.


The OM OTB with almost 9 million chess games is the biggest over-the-board collection of human chess one could come up with. It all began in 2004 when creators started to collect games and analyze them. A must package for all FIDE players.

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image Modern. Powerful.

About Opening Master

Made in Power

Made in Chess

The Opening Master is the biggest human chess database collection of the world. It has been carefully collected over the past 14 years with focus on quality and quantity. More than 26 million of human chess games

Meet the team.

The founders of Opening Master chess database have been playing chess for more than 30 years each and are recognized international players.

image Alexander Horvath Founder

image Alex Horvath CEO

image Jan Helbich Lead Developer

image Slavka Hulecova Senior Analyst

Flexible & Adaptable chess databases

There are a series of smaller chess databases beyond the large OM GOLEM, to show how flexible the database system is, choose best plan for you and start playing.

Chess Base formats

The most popular chess database software can work with our chess databases

Chess Assistant formats

Those who prefer analysis with Chess Assistant we have formats. Also for SCID users a free PGN formats are supplied.

Why Opening Master

  • It's biggest +

    Yes, we have reached a massive collection of more than 29 million human chess games.
  • It's baddest +

    If you are standard or professional ICCF players, the OM CORR database with 1,9 million
  • Over the board +

    The FIDE collection or OM OTB with more than 8.9 million games. This is the
  • Top Notch Support +

    Didn't find a game you were looking for? Write to us. Found a wrong game?
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What Our Clients Say

  • Great chess databases! Greetings from Portland, Oregon, USA and the Portland Chess Club. Jonathan Ray Fortune (Correspondence Chess Master (CM), United States Chess Federation)
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Federations we supported Our Current and Previous Cooperations

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